The workspace revolution is here.

The way we work is constantly shifting. Strong change management expertise is essential to guide teams forward to help make the future clearer. Our passion is to partner with you, inspire you and enable you to thrive and adapt to a new way of work which supports you, your team and your organisation.

About Us

We are passionate about shaping change, creating solutions and doing so wholeheartedly.

What started as a response to the challenges of traditional consulting and corporate culture has developed into Openroom Consulting, an organisation passionate about people, impactful change and the future of work. With over 15 years’ experience in change, culture and programme management, our team is here to help you tackle change holistically and thrive.

Change Shapers

We inspire individuals to self-navigate and contribute to the change journey.

Solution Creators

We partner with clients to co-create impactful solutions, always with the collective in mind.

Wholehearted Humans

We can’t help being passionate perfectionists whilst cultivating courage, compassion and connection.

Understanding Change

Our Services

The Openroom team includes Change, People and Programme Management specialists. We offer advisory and consultation services and end-to-end programme management specific to your deliverables. Our focus is impact through meaningful delivery.

Workspace Change Management

We manage the change for working from home, office relocations, modernisations and forming new ways of working.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness in how space is being used

Leading through Change

We upskill teams and Change Champions on change management theory and teach them to mobilise and manage change internally.

Build internal change management capability, mobilise and upskill your champion network to improve agility and change readiness

Dare to Lead™ Training

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™, is an empirically based program designed to develop the skillset of courage, connection, accountability, trust and resilience.

Cultivating organisational cultures geared to thrive in uncertainty based on the teachable and measurable skills of courage, connection, conversation, creativity and accountability

Tips on Managing and Shaping Change

Strategically align the change with the goals and vision of your business.

Keep the bigger picture and overall impact in mind when rolling out change. Use Change Management to focus on a change in behaviour which, when coupled with how the business works, informs culture and employee performance.

Ensure that there is wide-spread ownership of the change across your business.

Encourage impacted teams to co-create solutions in order to maximize the chance of adoption. A Change Manager's role is to facilitate this process and coach everyone through the change journey.

Appoint Change Champions who represent impacted areas.

Change Champions are not (only) do-ers, but are also facilitators, upskill them, free up their capacity and have leadership endorse their role.

Make sure that leadership is available to the people and supportive of the change.

Leaders need to be easily accessible to teams in order to support them. They also need to model the new behaviours and mindsets required from the change, and not merely endorse, prioritise or talk about the change and its benefits.

Empower the drivers of change by giving them access to resources.

Adequate capacity, skills, funding, dedicated team members, project management, stakeholder engagement, new and optimised tools and communications channels are a few of the key resources needed to successfully implement a change initiative.

Our Work

Providing greater workspace choice for 90+ people across two locations

Edge Growth experienced rapid growth and needed to increase office space in their Johannesburg and Cape Town offices. Openroom facilitated the extensive structural renovations and furnishings (working with Tetris South Africa), as well as project, change and communication workstreams. Our goal was to ensure all team members were active participants in shaping the future design and defining new ways of working.

Future proofing the workplace by creating new ways of working

Our largest change programme was the office relocation of an energy major in Jo’burg. Openroom also facilitated leadership-led new ways of working aligned with their global Workplace Modernisation Strategy. Openroom worked closely with project stakeholders, and ensured that all 500+ impacted employees and contractors were informed and supported pre, during and post the workplace change.

Creating a Global Workplace Modernisation Toolkit

Following the success of the energy major’s SA office relocation, Openroom created a global Change Management Toolkit for all their Workplace Modernisation projects that any office in any region could customize and implement. To date offices in the USA, Europe, Asia, South Africa, UK, and have used the toolkit. In addition, Openroom also fulfils an advisory role on current global modernisation project initiatives.

What our Clients Say

"Openroom has a unique blend of capabilities and great people who are passionate, go the extra mile and are highly competent. This results in an awesome outcome when it comes to managing complex projects."

Founding Director of Edge Growth

"Openroom’s deep understanding of workplace change and dedication to the people was evident throughout. They worked closely with all stakeholders, ensuring a truly considered and meaningful change project."

Head of Facilities, energy major in SA

"Openroom were a breath of fresh air to work with. Their expertise in industry ways of working and how to approach and deliver change management and communication strategies was very evident as soon as our project began and was maintained throughout the project lifecycle."

IT Programme Manager for global energy company

"We love working with Openroom. Thank you Michelle - you don't treat it as a job, we feel your passion and excitement that you bring!"

Head of Business Development, Edge Growth